Property Description

The replacement build sees the replacement of the first of the Duncan’s buildings that was badly damaged in the 2011 earthquakes and not repairable.

Situated in the SALT District, the Duncan’s building is 4 metres wide on the High Street frontage and is constructed with a corten steel façade on both St Asaph and High Street frontages.

On the St Asaph frontage, which is 6 metres, there is a tall prominent structure also with a corten façade that extends over the footpath in the airspace on levels one and two.

The building houses retail and office tenants. There are two small ground floor retail areas, two boutique offices and the top floor which enjoys both the High Street and St Asaph Street’s aspect.

Duncan’s boutique offices have been carefully designed for that next step being larger in size with the benefit of your own kitchen, with a shared meeting room on level one available as well. 

All offices have HVAC and are fully furnished with quality furniture, and spacious kitchens complete with modern appliances. 

Fibre is available at $60.00 per month with a one off set up fee of $200.00 plus GST. 

A range of car-parking options are available close by. 

Property details

  • Shaun Stockman