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Ruby Black

The restoration of the Ruby Black façade circa 1900 is now underway with the replacement 800 sqm2 retail, office  and hospitality replacement building to follow. The end result will be a modern building behind the Heritage façade with hints of the past throughout.  The upper floors will be boutique offices for 2 – 6 people. […]

Billens Replacement Building

Available now – boutique office for 2-6 people. The original Billens Building was designed and built by England Bros in 1906 with a brick Heathcote terracotta and Oamaru Stone façade.  The Façade had arch windows and an oriole window and was one of the most attractive heritage listed buildings in the CBD. The 2011 quakes saw […]

W L Brown’s Conversion

Available now – from 26 to 100 sqm2 offices. Engineers and foundry office conversion situated in Southwark Street which is within the SALT District – now a CBD hot spot. With construction, to re-purpose by conversion these two industrial buildings, having commenced in January 2018 completion is due December 2019.  This will see them re-purposed […]

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