Property Description

The original Billens Building was designed and built by England Bros in 1906 with a brick Heathcote terracotta and Oamaru Stone façade.  The Façade had arch windows and an oriole window and was one of the most attractive heritage listed buildings in the CBD.

The 2011 quakes saw the building damaged but not over, it was made safe and propped ready to repair. Sadly in 2012 an arsonist set fire to the building resulting in its total collapse.

Stockman Group worked carefully with architect Andrew Evans to design a replacement building that interpreted the old. The replacement building has Heathcote terracotta bricks but this time they were made in Germany.  The design has random windows just like the old one that are deep set into the brick façade.

Stockman Group commissioned Canform Structures to build the replacement Billens Building.

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